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本文摘要:考点一:可数名词 不行数名词1. 单、复数形式的变化★可数名词有单数和复数两种形式,可数名词复数形式分规则变化和不规则变化。不规则变化的名词复数形式需专门影象,常见的有man→men, woman→women, child→children, tooth→teeth, mouse→mice, foot→feet等。另有一些单复数同形的名词,如fish, sheep, Chinese, Japanese等。


考点一:可数名词 & 不行数名词1. 单、复数形式的变化★可数名词有单数和复数两种形式,可数名词复数形式分规则变化和不规则变化。不规则变化的名词复数形式需专门影象,常见的有man→men, woman→women, child→children, tooth→teeth, mouse→mice, foot→feet等。另有一些单复数同形的名词,如fish, sheep, Chinese, Japanese等。

温馨提示:(1)由man组成的表现某国人复数的变化形式:Englishman→Englishmen, Frenchman→Frenchmen, German→Germans。(2)名词修饰名词时,若前面的名词是man和woman,变复数时,两个名词同时变为复数形式(如a woman teacher→two women teachers);如果是其他名词,变复数时,只需把后面的名词变为复数形式(如a girl student→two girl students)。(3)由“数词+连字符+名词(+连字符+形容词)”组成的合成形容词作定语时,该名词用单数形式,如two-day holiday(=two days' holiday),也可以表现为two day(s) holiday,但在中考选择题中优先选择前两种表达形式。★不行数名词没有单、复数形式的变化。

但若要表现不行数名词的量,通常可用相应的单元词,如piece, cup, bowl, bottle等,复数形式常体现在单元词上,如two bottles of yogurt。2. 修饰词 3. 对数量提问使用的疑问词★对可数名词的量提问时用how many。★对不行数名词的量提问时用how much。4. 兼作可数名词和不行数名词的名词这类名词需在句中凭据语法及句意判断是可数还是不行数,如glass(玻璃)→a glass(玻璃杯),chicken(鸡肉) →a chicken(小鸡),orange(橙汁) →an orange(橙子)。

【考例链接】Ⅰ. 单项选择( )1. —Mom, please give me two ______. I want to make vegetable salad.—OK. Here you are.A. tomato B. tomatoes C. tomatos( )2. There are a lot of ______ on the grassland. ______ sheep-dog is sitting next to them.A. sheep; The B. sheep; A C. sheeps; The D. sheeps; A( )3. Many ______ are playing an active part in making Kunming a civilized city (文明都会).A. man B. woman C. volunteer D. volunteers( )4. The broken ______ may cut into your hand if you touch it. You should be careful.A. glass B. glasses C. candle D. candles( )5. —Are you thirsty?—Yes, please give us ______.A. three bottle water B. three bottle of water C. three bottles of water D. three bottles of waters( )6. I went to the hospital yesterday. I found a few ______ there.A. man nurses B. men nurse C. men nurses( )7. I can give you lots of ______ on how to improve your speaking skills.A. advice B. way C. idea( )8. We all expect the ______ summer holiday after the exam.A. two month B. two-month C. two-months D. two months( )9. —I went from a school desk to a ship in my teens.—______ days would you be at sea? Homesick?A. How long B. How many C. How much D. How soonⅡ. 用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空1. Many _______(hero) have set good examples for us to follow.2. My parents are _______(German), but they need to live and work in England.3. Look! So many _______(girl) students are enjoying themselves on the playground.4. Would you like to eat some _______(orange) or drink some _______(orange) juice?5. How much _______(sugar) did you put in your coffee?6. This supermarket has 700 free parking _______(space). But now there is no _______(space) for the car.7. We have a 7-_______(day) holiday. We want to stay at home to relax.考点二:名词词义辨析解题关键:通太过析详细的语境来辨析名词的词义。【考例链接】单项选择( )1. —What's your ______ to English learning, Lin Tao?—I think watching English movies is helpful.A. Place B. age C. time D. secret( )2. —The dishes in this restaurant must be very expensive.—Don't worry. You can enjoy yourself. It's my ______.A. time B. treat C. task D. taste( )3. We believe One Belt, One Road (一带一路) will help China improve the ______ with lots of countries.A. relationship B. situation C. environment( )4. —It's his new book, but I think it is more interesting than his other books.—I agree with you. His latest book is up to his highest ______.A. choice B. standard C. purpose D. wealth考点三:名词所有格(’s所有格和of所有格)1. 单数名词、人名和不以-s末端的复数名词的所有格通常在词尾加's;以-s末端的复数名词的所有格在词尾加'。2. 用and毗连两个并列名词,如果表现两者配合拥有,只在第二个名词后加's 即可;如果表现两者各自拥有,则每个名词后都加's。3. 表现时间、距离、价钱、国家、都会等无生命的事物的名词,可在词尾加's 或' 来组成所有格(如yesterday's newspaper, five kilometers' distance, America's flag)。

其他表现无生命的事物的名词,一般用“of+名词”来表现,作后置定语(如the face of a clock)。【考例链接】Ⅰ. 单项选择( )1. “It depends on my ______ decision,” the mother said and looked at her two sons.A. children B. children's C. child D. child's( )2. —How far is your home from the train station?—It's about 20 ______ walk.A. minute B. minutes C. minute's D. minutes'( )3. ______ mother works in St. Mary's Hospital.A. Jim and Bob B. Jim's and Bob's C. Jim and Bob's( )4. The online shop sells ______ shoes at a very low price.A. child and men's B. children and men's C. children's and men D. children's and men'sⅡ. 用括号内所给词的适当形式填空1. The _______ faces were a sight, covered with dust. (boy)2. _____(teacher) Day is coming. I will get my Chinese, math, English _______(teacher) some flowers.3. This is _______(Tom and Jack) bedroom. It's tidy and nice.4. _______(Lucy and Lily) mothers didn't come to this meeting, because they had an more important meeting.5. The station is about two _______(hour) walk from my home。